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Why should I hire a wedding planner?

You have probably already noticed that organizing your marriage is a rather complex matter. The wedding is made up of many moments and every moment is full of creative, technical and practical details.


But let's begin from the beginning, or better yet, from the end.
What we have in mind is the result: we want the wedding day to be the happiest of our lives. It should be the same for our parents. It should be unforgettable for our friends and for all our guests.


Now, we only have to put every detail into practice, to create that ambiance that will allow us to achieve that result.

Hence, we start to "plan the ambience". But how to do it?
It's a huge piece of work. In fact, every single moment of the wedding has to be studied into details. It is a mix of fantasy and concreteness.

We would prepare a detailed budget, on which we will create the whole wedding.
Your story, your tastes, your desires would be turned into a concept. From this concept the mood and the scenarios would be created. Obviously, all this would be based on your desires and taking into account your needs and those of the locations that you would choose (and the rules, we cannot forget that).
We would have to fix a day timing, involving every actor and supplier: yourselves, the best man, the maid of honour, the photographers, the banqueting, the hairdresser, the make-up artist and all the others .
The planning would have to be extremely precise, because that day you won't have to wait for something or someone. And you won't be obliged to give up a special part of your wedding, because you had underestimated the duration of the several "moments" and time is over.

Then, we would chose the suitable suppliers, the right ones for you. They have to be reliable and, anyway, we would have to check, step by step, that they will put into practice what we had planned.

We would meet suppliers, several suppliers, to make the right choice: the best quality at the best price. We would agree on costs and on terms, sign contracts, make site inspections and rehearsals.
Then, we would coordinate suppliers and be sure that they would strictly follow the concept, the timing we had planned and all the conditions we had agreed.


How long does it take to do this? A whole lot of time!
You should take time out from your job, your free time, your friends,your sport, your hobbies.

So, which would be the benefits of hiring a wedding planner?
Hiring a wedding planner does not mean that she will take decisions on your behalf.
The wedding planner would make a first selection for you. She would imagine the scenery that you wish. You would take the final decision among her proposals.
She would draft the detailed budget of your wedding and she would make sure that it will be strictly followed, so that you won't have any "bad surprise".
She would fix the timing for transfers, for the arrivals of suppliers, for their services. She would control them the wedding day.
If you wish, she would accompany you to try on wedding dresses, she would help you chosing the wedding favors, the music, the speeches for your ceremony. She would accompany you to create your personalised save-the-date, together with your fiance.
She would take care of the legal aspects (the ones that the rules would allow her to fulfill on your behalf). She would draft a "plan b" to apply in case of unexpected circumstances, that you won't even notice. You would count on her to clarify any doubt on any aspect of your wedding. She would be available and she would always offer you her time. She would help you relieve stress, as you would feel overwhelmed by the fear of not being able to do everything, or to do it in time, or to do it well.

Hence, to get to your wedding day stress-free and happy, to enjoy that day 100%, and to share your happyness with your guests without fear, this would be the best solution: hire a professional wedding planner, who would take care of everything, for you.

If you are afraid that your wedding could be similar to another one (because it is organised by a wedding planner), I reassure you:
Every wedding is unique and original. Because every couple is different. And even if couples are friends, a professional wedding planner won't certainly organise two similar weddings, as we take into account peculiarities, personalities, stories and life projects of every couple.

Last but not least: the cost. Sector studies show that a wedding organized by a wedding planner costs 20% less than a "do-it-yourself". This happens because the wedding planner has continuous and privileged collaborations with the best suppliers, who trust her and are confident in her competence. And for these reasons they will grant the couple discounts that they would not give to individuals.

I hope I have given you some food for thoughts.
If you want to talk on this in-depth, do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be glad to have a chat with you!


Thank you for reading my article.

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