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Many good reasons to get married in Bologna

There are all the ingredients to have a fantastic wedding in Bologna:


- a beautiful environment
- breathtaking landscapes
- fantastic food
- widespread joy
- amusement occasions
- excellent connections with the rest of Italy


Don't you believe me? Continue reading: people from everywhere in the world and authoritative international newspapers and magazines assert that!


Most of my foreign friends coming to Bologna usually ask me: why is Bologna not famous? It is so beautiful!
Recently the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Forbes and the Guardian (to name only few of them) have devoted articles, guides and videos to Bologna. I have published the links to their pieces here below. Have a look!


But also people coming from abroad to live here give excellent opinions on Bologna:


it has an atmosphere that embraces you,


Bologna has all the important things for a unique, romantic wedding and vacation,


it gives a strong sense of community, it has something special, it has effervescent cultural vivacity,


it is the city that hugs you, and there is a quality tourism,


Bologna is the hidden secret and it is a paradise for life lovers,


it is rich in culture and accessible enough to allow one to feel entirely enveloped in it,


it will touch you in a way with its flavors that you won't forget


This is just a taste of the opinions of people from US, Latin America, Northern Europe and Mediterranean Region. You can see their full opinions here: About Bologna


In 2018 Bologna is world capital of Mediterannean food. Food is certainly one of the most important words in Bologna.

In fact, from recent statistics, in the city centre, within the historical walls, counts one restaurant every 37 inhabitants.
That means that food is good, but also living together is good. You would feel a sense of community, the joy of sharing joy.


So, food, atmosphere and joy. Aren't these the most important things in wedding celebrations?


You would share your joy and your happiness in a wonderful environment in a fantastic and unique atmosphere, you would share the best food.


Everybody would have fabulous memories of your Bolognese, Italian Dream Wedding.


So, get in touch!


Video New York Times on what to do in Bologna


Article New York Times on FICO – Eataly world – Foody amusement park

Article New York Times on Bologna among the 52 places to go in 2018

If you read the comments on the facebook post of The New York Times – Travel titled Are you familiar with Emilia-Romagna? Tell us what to do there. you will see the fantastic opinions and suggestions of visitors


Article Los Angeles Times on Bologna among the top 18 destinations for 2018

The Times writes:
It has a new theme park for foodies, but this has long been Italy's tastiest city

The Guardian writes The opening of a foodie theme park will further elevate Bologna's reputation as Italy's culinary capital but the city has plenty more to offer, including superb art, music and medieval architecture


Forbes suggests "to drink and eat as much as you can in Bologna, but, more essential still, is a tour around the picturesque region."



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