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You can find here the most frequently asked questions that I have been receiving from couples who would like to get married in Italy, and in particular in Bologna.
This is the list of the subjects you can find below:
Legal aspects
You and me (what I can do for you)



Is it easy to find accommodation for us and for our guests in Bologna?
Yes, absolutely! In the very city center there are more than 1700 rooms in 4 and 5 stars hotels and about 900 rooms in 3 stars hotels.
I have special rates for my customers in the best hotels of the city.



Do people speak English? How can I deal with that?
The hotel receptionists speak English, sometimes also other languages. Most of the restaurants' waiters do the same. Your celebrant would certainly be a native English speaker.
I would be sure that all the vendors you need to talk to would speak English. In any case, I would always help you in communication.


Legal aspects

Is the wedding legally valid?
Yes, it is.
It requires a specific procedure. I would be more than happy to help you collect the required documents in due time.
Of course, if you prefer to organize a symbolic wedding, I can certainly organize it for you.


Can we arrange a religious wedding?
Yes, it is possible. The official religion in Italy is Catholicism. Nevertheless, many other religions are practiced, and it is possible to celebrate Protestant weddings, Jewish weddings, etc.
The procedure to make it valid depends on the worship.
In Italy, the marriage rite conducted according to the traditions of some religions can be recognized and registered by the civil registry office without having to enter into a separate civil marriage. This is the so-called concordat marriage.

Can we legally celebrate the wedding at the same venue where we would like to have the reception?
This has to be verified case by case. The municipality where the venue is located gives the authorization of celebrating weddings. More and more frequently it is permitted, but it has to be checked and asked in case it is still not possible at the venue you have selected.



Is Italy safe to travel? And what about health?
Italy is a safe country. There are no criticisms, and the authorities will confirm it.
In case of health problems, there is an excellent health system, and hospitals are top level. The region of Bologna is at the top of the ranking on health care in Europe.



Can I organise a wedding "American style"?
Of course, we can! I would be happy to organize your rehearsal dinner for part of the guests, bespoke activities, and a brunch the day after your wedding. A video showing the story of your love. Speeches of your father and the best man. The ball with your father. Any rite you would like to organize is feasible.



What is the best time of the year to get married in Italy?
It really depends on the mood you would like for your wedding.
During Summer it is good if you get married on the beach or on the hill, but in the evening. Otherwise, it would be too hot.
Spring and Autumn are good seasons for an outdoor wedding during the day and an indoor reception in the evening. The colors of nature are vivid, and a unique ambiance can be achieved. More green in Spring, more yellow and red in Autumn.
Winter is full of warm atmosphere, especially around Christmas time.
So, every season has its own peculiarities. Tell me about your dream, and I will tell you when it is best to get married to reach that result.

To see more about this subject, have a look at the inspiration boards I have published on my blog. Click HERE.


Are there dates where it is not possible to get married?
If you want to celebrate a Catholic wedding, here is a list of the days where weddings cannot be held.
Palm Sunday (April 14th in 2019), Easter (April 21st in 2019) and the following Sunday (April 28th); Christmas (December 25th) and the days immediately after Christmas.
There are many other recurrences, but lately, priests are a little more flexible, and you should check with them if they agree to celebrate the wedding those days
(for instance the Corpus Christi, the Patron Saint's day, and so on).
There are other criteria to consider when fixing the wedding date (anniversaries, public events, etc.).

I invite you to visit my blog, where you can find a 10 points guide to chose the perfect date. Click HERE.



Is it easy to reach Italy by plane? And Bologna?
Yes, it is. There are many international airports in the whole country, well connected with the most important European and Extra-European airports.
Bologna, with its 90 destinations worldwide, is one of the best-connected airports in Northern-Center Italy. It is located 6 minutes by monorail to the city center and railway station.


Is it easy to move in Italy? And from Bologna?
Yes, it is.
There are regions where it is particularly convenient because of their geographical position.
Bologna is close to the most important cities in Italy, and you can easily reach Venice, Florence, and Milan in one hour by train, and Rome in two hours. Bologna could be a good starting point for your honeymoon and for a few days trip of your guests. And if you wish to get married in Tuscany, Bologna airport is the best to land.


Is it easy to move around in the cities? And in Bologna?
Some cities are large, and the traffic sometimes is heavy. In smaller cities, it is easier to move around and to enjoy. Bologna is considered a small city, with 350,000 inhabitants.
Its many pedestrian streets allow you to fully enjoy it.
The 80,000 students at its prestigious University (the most ancient in the world), let it be vibrant and perfect both for the wedding and to enjoy life.
Anyway, I will take care of you and your guests. So, if there is the need of bringing you somewhere, I will organize it.
To know more about Bologna, have a look at my website, you can find a nice video, several articles of American and English magazines and useful information and opinions. Click HERE.



Is it better to get married in the city or in the country or near the sea?
It really depends on the atmosphere you would like to have. For instance, Bologna is surrounded by hills, and there are beautiful venues with gardens and a breathtaking view of the city. That would be perfect for a Summer afternoon wedding and a dinner party. Then, there are ancient palaces or medieval castles out of town with a beautiful garden, that would be perfect in Summer as well, but also in Spring and Autumn. There are ancient palaces in the very city center, with splendid rooms with frescoes, that would be perfect in Winter, especially to live the warm Christmas atmosphere. There are country houses, that are now luxury resorts, and can offer you rooms, pools, spa, and wine from their own production. Or ancient houses on a hill with view of the sea.
You only have to look inside yourself and tell me what your most precious dreams look like.

To have a look at some of the venues I can propose you, look at my website. Click HERE.


You and me

How can we communicate?
Certainly by e-mail. But also via WhatsApp (text and video all), Skype, Facetime.

How would be the whole process in case of a full wedding?
You ask me for a quotation, which I will send you as soon as I have received some needed information.
If you are interested in my proposal, we have a chat, and you tell me all the details, so that I can confirm the quotation or modify it. Should you accept, we will sign the agreement, you will make the down payment, and I will draft a visual project with all the details (style, design, workflow, contents, etc.), the vendors, the timeline, and the budget.
If you are happy with that solution, we go ahead. Otherwise, I will propose you another solution (but it has never happened), as I want you to be totally satisfied, with no doubts.

To contact me, click HERE.


I want to organize my wedding by myself. How can you (a wedding planner) be useful?

I can be helpful to you, following the kind of consultation you will ask for.


The first one is a "steps" consultancy. We would talk about your wedding, and following the results you want to achieve, I would tell you what will have to be the steps to make. It would be a one-day consultancy, and I would not select the vendors for you, nor suggest them. You would do the job from the beginning to the end. This is helpful if you have the time to organize your wedding or if you have someone helping you, but you have no experience in organization, and you want to be sure that you will not miss anything.


The second one is "Full bespoke planning and design". As wedding planner and designer, I would know you, hear you, and following your dreams, I would propose you some design of your wedding. I would also make creative very detailed proposals to let your wedding be unique and special for you and your guests. From the design you would have chosen, I would draft a very detailed budget, a timeline, and a payment timeline so that you would not miss anything. I would select the vendors, and propose you a couple of them for each category, so that you would choose the ones you prefer. I would regularly update you. I would be with you, with my staff, the wedding day, and I would coordinate all the vendors, and check that everything is running smoothly.
This is helpful if you have no time to practically organize your wedding, to devote 2-300 hours of your life to that, but you would like to decide every detail. This is also helpful if you would like that all your guests will not worry about practical issues during the ceremony and the reception so that they can enjoy your day.


The third one is the "Wedding management". You would give me the list of your vendors and your guests. Starting from one month before your wedding, I would get in touch with the vendors and manage them, so that they would be at the right time in the right place. Everything would be under my control, and your guests would fully enjoy the wedding. I would not take care of the payments deadlines. The responsibility of the professionalism of the vendors would be yours, as I would not be involved in the selection process.
This is helpful if you do have experience in organizing weddings, but you want to be sure that everything goes well and your guests, especially who has helped you in the organization, will enjoy the day, without stress.




 Get in touch, click here!

So happy you are here, let this initial contact be the beginning of your Italian Dream Wedding!
Can't wait to hear from you!








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