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Flowers and colors for a bucolic wedding

I have met Valentina, an enthusiastic young but expert wedding florist and we have discussed about the trends of 2018 and about brides preferences.

Valentina tells me that we will see a natural and bucolic style, composed by wildflowers: lots of flowers, lots of colors but also harmony. We could describe it as "messy and neat". It must give the idea of the freshness and richness of nature.

Violet, the color of the year, will influence trends of weddings. Not really the ultra-violet tonality but its lightest shades, such as lilac, lavender and light blue. The flowers of these colours give a note of sweetness to the vivacity of wildflowers.

The peony is still quite sought after, but the flower that will never miss is the rose.
Often along with other flowers, the rose gives a touch of elegance and romanticism. It is versatile and it has a wide range of colours. That will allow floral designers to use roses to create any kind of ambiance.

On the other hand, there are beautiful flowers that brides usually mistrust: among them, the Japanese chrisantemum.
I must add that, in Japan, this flower was the source of inspiriration for poems, it is associated to rejuvenation and to longevity. Poems, rejuvenation, and longevity: aren't these the metaphor of the married life?
Not to mention that the Chrisantemum has been adopted by the Japanese Imperial Family as their seal. Finally, a curiosity: the "Supreme Order of Chrysanthemum" is the most important recognition that the Japanese Emperor can grant. So, why don't we take it into consideration?

Back to wedding flower arrangements, fruits and vegetables will be increasingly used (we talk about nature, once more), always following the seasons. Hence, strawberries, apples and cherries in Spring-Summer, chili peppers, cabbages, artichokes and pomegranates in Winter.

Have you noticed how many times nature was mentionned? And in fact, there will be an immersion in nature. Green and flowered plants will be more and more used, making the backdrop to create a lush green atmosphere.

As for supports, mirrors, ceramics and metals will leave room for glass in all its forms and al types: smooth or worked vases to have an elegant atmosphere, glass jars to have a more country and natural atmosphere. Always to stay in contact with nature, big and small wooden crates will be used, from the buffet tables, to the dessert corner and everywhere it could give its country ambiance.

The flower "symbol of the wedding": the one preferred by the bride, the first one that her fiancé offered her, will be seen everywhere: besides the bouquet and the installations at the venues, it will be the flower in the boutonnière (we remind that the etiquette recommend it for the groom, the best man, the brothers and the fathers of the bride and of the groom), in the corsages, on the wedding cake and now it is also used as escort card, to leave guests a memory of the wedding day, that they can bring back home and let them grow.

Valentina recommends to always use seasonal flowers. That will allow you to have a wider choice of flowers. They will have their natural life cycle and will not stay in the fridge for a long time, hence their duration will be longer. It is essential that they look beautiful when we take pictures towards the end of the party.

Before leaving you, we would like to give you a suggestion to have a nice touch of blossom at home, that your friends will see when they pay visit to you before the wedding (the wedding day leave it to your wedding planner and enjoy your day fully).

Take a glass jug or a preserves jar: add some water and put in some branches of rosemary, of sage, of thyme and any aromatic plants that you can find in the garden. Then, add some wildflowers: chamomile, alstroemeria, lisianthus, etc. Everyday you can add wildflowers, that you can find in the countryside, or in a field: poppies for instance. You will have a fresh, joyful and scented corner.



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