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My experience at the service of your Wedding Experience 


After finishing my studies, I worked internationally in marketing and communication.

For about twenty years, I have been organizing events worldwide until I landed in the fabulous world of weddings!


Trained in the US, I founded the wedding planning agency Italian Dream Weddings. Since then, I have had the pleasure to organize small and large weddings, legally binding, religious, and symbolic weddings, weddings of couples coming from near and from far.

Then wedding proposals, anniversaries, vow renewals, wedding experiences.


I operate in the whole country: Tuscany, Venice, Amalfi, Lakes, and all the most amazing places in Italy.


I am passionate about life and love. I am curious and creative, and I tremendously love people.


I am a member of IWF International Women Forum, of InterNations, and of the International Society of Female Professionals.


I have a great passion for photography, theater, art, reading, traveling.
I love good food (a little less cooking, but I am not so bad!) and good wine. I like to go out and share pleasant evenings with friends. I have a beautiful son who has made his way out of Italy.
I speak Italian, English, French, Spanish, and I get along with German.


I am eager to put my creativity, my passion for life and love, my perseverance, and my experience at the service of your dreams.



Book Here your on-line free conversation to tell me about your vision, your concerns, and your expectations about your wedding.


Talk soon!




But read what my couples say about me:

Elizabetta and Giovanni: "Simply perfection! Carla and her expertise made our wedding day even better than what I imagined..."


Jon and Nara: "... The day went so so smoothly all thanks to Carla's organization! I would highly recommend Carla as a wedding planner."


Dominik: "I am absolutely satisfied with Carla´s service. ... I liked her ideas, she was always on time and by the end, everything was exactly how my imagination was!!!!"


Italian Dream Weddings is the first choice of couples for their wedding. 


Are you curious to know more? Take a look at the Testimonials reviews at the bottom of this page.















Carla is an absolute ONE OF A KIND! We had the wedding of our dreams thanks to Carla and we can absolutely recomend her!

Alessia & Eros - 16 July 2022


Thanks so much for your priceless help!
Thank you so much for helping us to to make this such important day so perfect!

Andrea & Martina - 25 May 2022


We had a great day and the guests all said the same - it was unique and we couldn't have done without you. So again thanks for making this happen.

Daniele & Claire - 28 May 2022


Carla is the BEST
I have been working with Carla for a year now, planning my Bologna wedding for 2021. She has been the most professional person I have worked with. She also is very sweet, and understanding of all of our wishes. I am very excited to continue to work with her as we prepare for the wedding. Thank you, Carla!

Jayne, USA


Simply perfection!
Carla and her expertise made our wedding day even better than what I imagined. She really had to take the lead with us because we had no idea what we wanted most of the time, then we would all of the sudden know exactly what we wanted. She was so patient and kind while maintaining perfect professionalism. I felt that she was personally involved as though she was a family member. She paid attention to detail when I thought it didn't matter....but then the wedding day came and she proved her worth. Wow! Brava Carla. Giovanni and I will be forever grateful for your kindness, assistance and patience. Xoxoxo.

Giovanni & Elizabetta, Italy & Texas


Carla did an amazing job coordinating our wedding. She was very responsive from the start and we got on straight away. She went above and beyond supporting me throughout the experience, giving me advice and reminding me about all the details I would have not even thought of if it wasn't for her. She accompanied us on many of our meetings with the vendors, ensuring they went smoothly and helping me ask all the right question. In the end, I considered Carla as a friend and so we asked her to be our Celebrant as well and she did an amazing job at that too and made it extremely special. The day went so so smoothly all thanks to Carla's organisation! I would highly recommend Carla as a wedding planner.

Jon & Nara, UK


Carla was not only kind, knowledgeable punctual, but also very patient! If you're set on having your wedding in Italy, then she is THE one to seek out. She's creative, has great ideas yet listens to your wants/desires. If you're not familiar with Italy, don't worry because she is an expert! Her English is impeccable and she has a great sense of humor (good for us, because we were not an easy couple to manage at times ).
Fertitta, USA


Good morning! What a magnificent and absolutely lovely day it was. Thank you so much for your patience, diligence and kindness.
You helped us create memories that will always evoke such love! Thank you 1000 times!
The photos and videos are lovely.
Thank you for everything!

Elizabetta & Giovanni, USA/Italy


I am absolutely satisfied with Carla´s service. She contacted me immediately, she speaks super English, she understood super fast what i want, i liked her ideas, she was always on time and by the end everything was exactly how my imagination was!!!!

Dominik, Germany


Carla we can't thank you enough for all your hard work!! Thank you for making the day go so smoothly!

Jon & Nara, UK

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Managing Participants and Attendees of your weddings – wedding proposal - anniversary
Couple/Guests/Paricipants/Attendes and Accounts: Establishing and administering accounts, issuing invoices, processing payments, preparing related correspondence, and, if necessary, pursuing collection efforts
Such processing is necessary for the performance of a contract
ITALIAN DREAM WEDDINGS as a legitimate interest in in collecting necessary information so that the ITALIAN DREAM WEDDINGS can, in a timely and accurate manner, and in compliance with applicable laws for the event's management.
Operating Dining Halls and Other Food Service Facilities:  Running cafeterias, restaurants, snack bars, and convenience stores.
Such processing is necessary to the performance of a contract
ITALIAN DREAM WEDDINGS as a legitimate interest in confirming that only authorized persons use food service facilities, in verifying that such use conforms to meal plan and in identifying personal dietary constraints and preferences in order to offer appropriate food options
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Such processing is necessary for the performance of a contract
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GDPR Remedies Include the Right to File A Complaint With The Supervisory Authority
If you believe your privacy rights under the GDPR have been violated, the GDPR gives you the rights and remedies set forth in GDPR Articles 77-82. These include the right to file a complaint with the Italian data protection supervisory authority:
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As discussed above, ITALIAN DREAM WEDDINGS will sometimes ask you to provide information necessary to perform contracts to which you are a party, or to satisfy certain legal requirements binding upon the university.  If you do not provide such information, ITALIAN DREAM WEDDINGS will not be able to process such contracts or comply with such legal requirements, and you will not be eligible to receive the benefits that may result from the processing of such contracts, or compliance with such requirements.
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Information Security
ITALIAN DREAM WEDDINGS, by design, works to take necessary steps to protect personal data from unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of information. In particular, ITALIAN DREAM WEDDINGS :
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