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Bologna and its Region are excellences: Food – Arts – History – Culture - Music

Balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, Parma ham, truffles, wine, and gelato.
Handmade pasta is the pride of the region and the dish that represents Bologna is "tortellini", invented in 1570, inspired by Venus' navel, the goddess of love. Isn't it romantic?

Then Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, Pier Paolo Pasolini only to mention few of the best known movie directors from the Region. 

Bologna houses the oldest university in the world, 930 years old now, where there was the first woman to become a university professor.

It was the Municipality of Bologna that first abolishedthe slavery in 1259.

Bologna is a Unesco creative city of Music. Mozart has studied here. Classic music, opera and also jazz are so important! The most prominent jazz stars have exhibited
in Bologna: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald and many others.

Here you can find a nice video on Bologna, realised by Bologna Welcome: just a little taste of the city's atmosphere.
Last but not least, I am sure you will enjoy the opinions from friends who moved to Bologna from Europe, USA and Latin America. You will find them here.
I hope you will join us in this vibrant city for your special day!

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Allison, USA

I love Bologna because it is the perfect mixture between a big city and a small town. It is beautiful, as are all Italian cities, but it has something special that you can feel as you walk through the streets and small neighborhoods within the old center. Music, history, art, food all come together to make this city vibrant and I am happy to call it home.

Laura, Mexico

I really like Bologna because of the way people have been very open and welcoming with us. I like the dimension, it's big enough to have interesting things going on all the time, plus an important international crowd, but small enough to create a feeling of community. This, when living away from home, is what I value the most. A strong sense of community gives me a feeling of belonging and compensates being away from family and friends.



Me encanta Bolonia por su gente, hemos tenido la fortuna de conocer a personas que han sido muy abiertas y acogedoras con nosotros. Me gusta porque es una ciudad con sabor a pueblo, lo suficientemente grande para ofrecer siempre eventos interesantes y un grupo de gente de internacional, pero aún pequeña para crear un sentido de comunidad. Al vivir lejos de tu país, este sentido de comunidad es indispensable, te da la sensación de pertenecer que compensa el estar lejos de familia y amigos.

Luciana, Brazil

Bologna has an atmosphere that embraces you, which I couldn't feel in any other Italian city. Here you can find well preserved and romantic medieval beauty with operas, jazz festivals and huge concerts. Most of the biggest Italian store brands are discretely mixed with charming bars and 'pasticcerie'. Surprisingly, the public services do work here! The mountains and its greenry are an invitation for couples in love or families that want to relax by staying in contact with the nature around. Not too big, not too small; Bologna is perfect to live! :)


Bologna, com sua atmosfera particular te acolhe de um modo que não consegui sentir em nenhuma outra cidade italiana. Aqui é possível desfrutar desde uma romântica e bem conservada arquitetura medieval, óperas líricas, festivais de jazz, grandes concertos, às melhores marcas italianas presentes no comércio, discretamente inseridas em meio a charmosos bares e confeitarias. Surpreendentemente os serviços públicos funcionam mesmo, aqui! As suas montanhas e o seu verde são um convite para casais apaixonados ou famílias que desejam relaxar permanecendo em contato com a natureza em torno. Não muito grande, nem muito pequena, Bolonha é perfeita para se viver! :)

Jana, Belgium

Bologna has a effervescing cultural vivacity and a wide range of delicious food on offer. Walking in the hills or enjoying a wellness center are delightful alternatives. To get married in a splendid and elegant Italian villa seems an unforgettable experience to me.


Bologna heeft een bruisend culturele levendigheid en een veelzijdig aanbod van lekker eten. Wandelen in de heuvels of genieten in een spa zijn deugddoende alternatieven. Trouwen in een prachtige en stijlvolle Italiaanse villa lijkt me een onvergetelijke ervaring.

Renata, Bosnia

It's hard to describe emotion. For me, Bologna is emotion. Bologna gives me the warmth of an embrace by dear people. It is the city that hugs me.


Nije lako opisati emociju. Za mene, Bolonja ima toplinu zagrljaja dragih ljudi. Bolonja je grad koji me je zagrlio!

Pia, Denmark

Bologna has all the important things for a unique, romantic wedding and vacation. It's a historic, authentic city with wonderful buildings and lovely churches, arcades, towers and markets. Bologna is surrounded by mountains, vineyards, olive groves and much more. In Bologna you will meet the "real Italian people", and of course you´ll have all the best Italian food - I love it ❤


Bologna har alt hvad der skal til for at skabe et enestående, romantisk bryllup – og ferie. Historisk og autentisk by med smukke bygninger og skønne kirker, arkader, tårne og markeder. Bologna er omgivet af bjerge, vinmarker, olivenlunde og meget mere. I Bologna møder du de "ægte Italienere", og så får du selvfølgelig alt det bedste Italienske mad – jeg elsker det

Dorothea, Germany

I like Bologna. It is a tipical Italian city. I love its ambience; the food is wonderful. There are not too many tourists, and it is a quality tourism. I like the ancient palaces, the Bolognese hills, and beautiful "agriturismi" (farm houses devoted to host guests). They are the ideal location for parties and receptions. Bologna's geographic location is the perfect base for a daily trip to Venice, Florence, Padua, Milan, etc.


Bologna ist eine typische Italienische Stadt. Mir gefallen die Atmosphäre der Stadt mit seinen antiken Gebäuden und Palazzi, das Essen is grossartig. Bisher ist die Stadt noch nicht turistisch ueberlaufen und der bestehende Tourismus ist von gehobener Qualität. Ausserhalb des Stadtrands beginnen direkt di Bologneser Hügel. Dort findet man "agriturismi" (Landgasthöfe) mit hochwertigem Essen, eingebetet in eine wunderschöne Landschaft, und nach jedem Geschmack: ideale Orte für das Hochzeitsfest.

Lilian, the Netherlands

Bologna, THE hidden secret!

Bologna is a giant open air museum, you can walk for hours and find a lot of secrets like beautiful corners, small courtyards,churches, gardens, palaces. And all this in a nice atmosphere. Piazza Maggiore is one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. I like Bologna because it is not crowded with tourists and you can taste the daily Italian life.

Bologna is a paradise for life lovers.There is a a huge density of fine dining places and nice shops in a beautiful setting. I enjoy the energetic nightlife under the arcades with all different red colors. Bologna is a city of taste and energy!


Bologna, HET verborgen geheim!

Bologna is een groot openluchtmuseum : je kunt er uren zwerven en vele geheime ontdekken zoals mooie pleintjes,kerken,tuinen en paleizen. En dit alles in een fijne sfeer. Piazza Maggiore is een van de mooiste pleinen van Italië. Ik hou van Bologna omdat het nog niet overvol is met toeristen waardoor je het dagelijkse Italiaanse leven kunt proeven. Bologna is een paradijs voor levensgenieters. Er is een enorme dichtheid aan eetgelegenheden en leuke winkels in een mooi kader. Ik geniet van het bruisende nachtleven onder de arcades met de verschillende rode tinten. Bologna is een stad van smaak en energie!

Kara, USA

I love the beauty of Bologna, with its unifying terra cotta cityscape. You can feel the medieval (and even earlier etruscan) history as you meander through the city which is rich in culture and accessible enough to allow one to feel entirely enveloped in it.

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